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Skin & Guns 2012 Body Paint Calendar. A 13 month calendar featuring beautiful bodypainted models in various themes posing with guns. Some of the guns include Colt M4, Barrett .50BMG, AK47, Smith and Wesson 500 magnum, Coonan .357 magnum, Beretta, M1 Garand, and MAC 11. Some of the themes are Sexy cop, Military, WWII Vintage Military, Waterfowl hunting, Tactical, and Jungle. Awesome calendar that all your buddies will admire hanging in your man cave. Gun dealers or shooting ranges may be interested in the Ad Specialty version which includes a 2"x11" space to advertise your logo, slogan, website, contact info, etc. This ad space stays visible all year long and is sure to get noticed! Ask about special wholesale pricing on large orders!

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